Senior Dog Classes

Wag That Tail is proud to have created this fitness class for senior dogs! 

When your dog ages, mobility can become a big issue. Normally, senior dogs will start to lose muscle mass in their back legs and can develop balance issues. These changes make it difficult to do stairs, get up from lying or jump in and out of your vehicle. Pet parents will start seeing reluctance with some activities. Your older dog can become slower on their walks or even start to limp. You might hear their feet shuffling on pavement. If you’re noticing any of these changes or would like to work on muscle strength before your older dog starts to show signs of aging, this class is for you!

You will not only enjoy seeing your dog exercise with the group during classes but also learn some tips on how to care for senior dog! We will also go over massage techniques and stretching.

Our senior dog classes are designed by our physiotherapist and canine rehab therapist. This class is a circuit training class where your dog will go between different stations to practice different skills. Each exercise specifically targets strengthening,  flexibility or proprioception. We change the stations every week to keep it interesting. 

You don’t need specific skills or knowledge to join the class. Just bring treats to encourage your dog to try the different station! You’ll be working individually with your dog on each station, we can easily modify the station to adapt to your dog’s level of comfort.

We are not offering Senior dog classes at the moment. However, if you’re interested in this class, you can send us an email at We have created a waitlist and when we have enough people interested we will offer the class. We’ll most likely have a class in June or July 2022. 

Our classes are bilingual. 

You can also check out our general fitness classes for dogs of all ages! You’re senior dog might also benefit from this class. Email us to know more.

150$ +tax for 6 weeks

Reserve your spot online