Massage Therapy

Dogs can benefit from a therapeutic massage too!

Massage therapy for dogs is very similar to what you would expect from getting a massage for yourself. The main difference comes from the amount of pressure the massage therapist puts on your dog’s muscles. Canine Massage Therapist use a lighter pressure to ensure your dog’s comfort while still getting a therapeutic effect. There are many benefits your dog will experience.

Therapeutic massages can

– Reduce stress & anxiety
– General wellbeing
– Improve mobility issue especially in older dogs
– Improve circulation & energy
– Relaxation
– Reduce muscle tension
– Reduce pain & soreness

Our canine massage are offered by our Certified Canine Massage Therapist. Shawna Martell Duford completed her canine massage certification with the Canine Health and Wellbeing Academy. She studied with renowned human physiotherapist and canine animal rehabilitation therapist Michelle Monk. Shawna knows how to make dogs feel comfortable. She has a gentle approach and will pay attention to your dog’s cues while massaging. 

You can book your dog’s massage appointment online, by phone or by email. 

We also offer special gift certificates for Christmas. This is the best Christmas present for your dog! It can be offered by dog-pawrent but also could be a good suggestion for the grand-pawrent. Email us if you would like to buy a gift certificate. They never expire. You can choose between these two different style below.